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Just wanted to add to the database. Found a lot of things up on my bike that could have made my jetting the way it was. When I received the bike the jetting was 175 45 CEK 2nd clip. Wasn’t running quite right. Checked the reeds and one had a crack, and also they PO installed the cage in offset so 1/3 of the intake was blocked. Once fixed I couldn’t even get the bike to start. Kept the 175 main swapped to a 42 and NEDJ 3rd clip. Bike started after multiple attempts. Ran it down the road and it crackled and sputtered everywhere, main running lean.
As it sits
Sea level
NEDJ 2nd clip
175 main
42 pilot
AS 2.5 turns out

I just purchased a 180 main, and a 40 pilot. Going to install those and see how she runs and adjust the clip accordingly
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