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Originally Posted by nknudsen View Post
I got hooked on a new hobby this summer, single track mountain biking with a 2016 Specialized Fatboy Trail. I've been on a road bike for years and in June started hitting the single track trails with some buddies on a std. mountain bike. After watching how much the fat bikes excelled in traction for climbing, cornering, roots and rocks here on the bluff country single track I had to have one and I love it! Plus, I'll be able to rock it all winter long This somewhat reminds me of a dirt bike, wider bars and for how fast you can blast thru a corner and not wash out unlike a normal mtn. bike. I only ride it on trails and off road, other bikes are better suited for road use obviously. It has a 1 by drive train, Bluto suspension fork, Hyd. disc brakes, dropper seat post and 4.6" tires.
I just joined the gang. Got this to replace an old specialised dual suspension mountain bike and absolutely loving it. Heaps more traction in the snotty stuff, and just as quick as the old bike.

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