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Thumbs up Jetting Database - PLEASE ADD YOUR SETTINGS

Here is a summary of the Jetting Database:
Click Here -->


How to enter your jetting data:
I thought it would be useful to start a GasGas jetting database. The goal is for people to just list what they are using (or have used). It will be important to follow a "common format" in order to allow quick comparison of data.

It will be beneficial that users list only ONE bike setup per post. If you have several temperatures/conditions for the same bike, please list them in separate posts. Likewise, if you own multiple bikes, please list them in separate posts.

Also, please do not post questions in this thread. If you have a specific questions, start a separate thread so others can respond.

Database Format
{Copy & Paste the following lines in your post}

Bike year & model =
Temperature (degF) =
Elevation (feet) =
Main jet =
Pilot jet =
Needle & notch =
Air screw setting =
Throttle valve/slide =


Current: 2009 Yamaha FZ1
Previous: 2001 GasGas TXT280, 2001 GasGas XC250, 2004 KTM 200EXC, 2007 GasGas EC250, 2007 Husqvarna SM610, 2008 Husqvarna WB165

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