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Originally Posted by farmerj View Post
FYI all -

One other place where binding can happen is between Pinion Gear (#17) and Starter Gear (#20). I have seen the two gears mesh too tightly, so that when you spin them by hand they feel "notchy" vs. spinning smoothly.

What happens is that if you have a hard time getting the Starter shaft splines into the Starter Gear and use force (i.e., a rubber mallet or equivalent on the end of the Starter), it can push the two gears closer together making them hard to turn.

It does not seem like this should happen, because the Starter Gear bottoms out onto a machined lip. But there is a slight amount of play between the machined lip and the circlip on the other side.

I have inserted a thin punch between the gears when installing the Starter to make sure this doesn't happen.

Farmer J. I believe my problem may be the pinion gear and starter gear relationship as you suggested. When I removed my old starter gear and bearing it came out as 1 pressed together unit. When I marry my new gear and bearing it is a very loose fit. My parts supplier said just put some grease to hold them together while you are pressing in new bearing and that it would be fine. After pressing in new bearing with gear, I am able to physically push the gear up and down slightly with my finger. I would think that having up and down play with the gear would be a BAD thing. Am I overthinking this?

My starter worked previously. 2019 xc300. Bought bike with 20 hours. Shortly thereafter it starter have the binding symptoms and being dumb I kept stabbing the button and blew the starter motor. Replaced with OEM unit and had 20 hours of trouble free riding. It started binding again so I bought a new motor, took everything apart to clean and grease, reinstalled with new motor and had 0 improvement. So I bought new gears, bearings, and AS3 cover. Which bring me to today.

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Originally Posted by farmerj View Post
I think the options for that issue are:
(1) Try to buy a new Rieju bendix cover (with the bearings) as in the picture above.
(2) Purchase the cover with bearings offered on Ebay as mentioned earlier in this thread.
(3) Wait for gg3 to perfect his mod (install bushings in existing areas and machine Bendix & Pinion shafts to fit).

One other idea, which I intend to post on more fully at some point, is to go with a 24V starting system. The extra power from doing this overcomes deficiencies in the gear drive system. My dealer has done 3 bikes like this. His battery solution is the "new news" as far as I am concerned - Antigravity makes a "small case" battery, and two of them will fit in the original GG battery compartment, stacked on one another. Wire up the second battery between starter solenoid and starter, and good to go!

Did your starter work before you replaced gears/bearings/AS3 cover?
Just found this video from 2015 when trying to understand your idea of doubling voltage. Look correct?
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