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Enduro Intake/Carburetion - 2 stroke Jetting, Reeds, Air Filters, etc.

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Old 01-04-2018, 03:31 PM
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Fair enough,the NED can feel a little thin in #2 on mine unless its very warm out.A full clip position richer was too much. NEC#3 is that little bit richer and works well for me.Good luck with your jetting.
$20/needle if you need plan B...

2013 ec200r
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Old 01-04-2018, 10:29 PM
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I find the NE needles run really good, but as above.. you need to find the right spot.

I'm usually 300-1000M and a cold day here is under 20C. Temps usually well above that and humidity up in the 60+%. I run NEDW#2 in my 250, or N3CW#3.. going leaner on either needle see's the torque run off on small throttle. Going richer adds in some burble and you see some loading up in tech terrain.
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Old 02-04-2018, 03:16 PM
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Spent a few weekends in January doing some tuning / experimenting with the jetting on the bike. Side note: I've gotten really good at changing the needled and/or jets with the carb on the bike. Only takes a few minutes now.

I decided to just tune everything from the beginning. As I expected, it was way rich on the 42 pilot with the AS 1/2 a turn out. I wound up with a 40 pilot at about 1.5 turns out. That's where it idles best, and that's where I get the best throttle response. It has the tiniest, almost imperceptible, bit of 4-stroking just as the throttle is cracked at extremely low loads. Add any kind of load or go past the throttle barely being cracked, and it goes away. Definitely takes a little longer to get warmed up than before, but once it does, it idles fantastically.

With the pilot supplying significantly less fuel now, it was noticeably lean on the needle and main. In the mid-range, it was even less torque than before once warmed up. And at WOT on the pipe, it would ping just a bit after repeated back-to-back runs.

Started by raising the CEK needle one clip (from my initial starting position of 3). Picked up some torque in the mid-range, and the pinging up top went away. Still felt it was a little lean in the mid, so we went ahead and raised the needle another clip all the way to the 5th spot (essentially making it a CCK needle).

Ah, now that hit the spot. Even with the bike nice and hot, it is making great torque off the pipe and through the mid-throttle range. Yet it's not loading up or showing any signs of running too rich when the bike is cooler and/or I'm riding slow techy stuff.

The main that was in it, a 178, felt good, but thought I'd try a 180 just to make sure I didn't need to be richer. Definitely didn't. With the 180, it ran about the same up on the pipe, but was noticeably richer if you went WOT not on the pipe. Put the 178 back in, and all was good.

I rode it in this configuration (178 main, 40 pilot, AS 1.5 out, CEK needle 5th clip) yesterday for about 5 hours up in the mountains at our typical riding park. We rode pretty much the entire variety of terrain we might encounter (very slow techy stuff, fast / flowy singletrack, wide open doubletrack, etc.), and the bike was absolutely brilliant the whole time. LOVED it.

So I might wind up ordering a N3- or NE- needle one day just to play around with it, but I'm loving the bike enough just like it is now that I imagine it'll be a while.
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Old 02-04-2018, 03:57 PM
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Cheers for update,enjoy!
2013 ec200r
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