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Old 12-10-2008, 06:07 AM
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Default Lugging the bike and stalling - jetting, technique, wrong bike?

Say i'm riding some tight woods trails I'll shift up so the bike is always lugging. I'll pull a high gear (300EC) say maybe 3rd at 15mph (only rough guesses here) but the bike is near the bottom of the rev range. I do this as I love how the bike sounds, it's smoother and finds better grip and maybe a co-incidence but I never need to refuel in 3hr races. I select the gear I need for power and nothing more so don't rev the bike unless I need to or occasionally between corners so i don't have to change up then down.

The problem is I seem to stall quite a bit which costs me time. This happens when i'm using the clutch in that (high) gear to negotiate a short slightly slower section or obsticle.

The jetting seems good to me it's leaner than a few people have got pulls cleanly and linearly from the bottom, doesn't start first kick but I don't think it ever has on any jetting.

To avoid stalling my options seem to be:

Try different jetting (butI really like it as it is)

Ride 1 gear lower and rev more but this affects my riding - harder to find grip, more on/off the throttle not as smooth and more gear changes as I can't just rev it between corners...

Sell it and get a smaller capacity bike which would need revving more at the same speed so less likely to stall.. but I like the 300 and do use all it's power and also this would cost me $$$/£££

Try different clutch oils, maybe the clutch is a bit abrupt and helps stall it when i'm feeding the clutch out?

Get a rekluse $$$/£££ again and I may not like it....
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