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Old 11-15-2012, 06:35 AM
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Default Dogs that chase their tail:

I recently started telling my dog in a loud authoritative voice: "I'm gonna get your tail"! Then I chase him down and pull on his tail really hard, sometimes spinning him around or picking his back legs up off the ground by his tail. Now, he is so worried about his tail getting pulled that when I say: "I'm gonna get your tail"! he turns around and chases it and tries to bite it himself! I guess he thinks if he gets it first, I won't have to? Of course, he can't actually bite it, so he ends up chasing it in a circle and wagging it at the same time. Too funny! He's trying to play fetch with his own tail I guess.

But I think he really likes it when I pull it, because he now works his way up to me sideways, and beats his tail on my leg until I pull it and spin him around.

Who's the idiot, me or the dog? Who's pulling who's leg/tail?

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