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Old 03-05-2019, 01:49 AM
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Default First Race: Cross Country Hare Scramble, 13 XC300

My first race ever, and half of it was on a real motocross track! I have never ridden a real, groomed motocross track before, and when my friends said they wanted to race the District 36 Hare Scramble at MMX, I decided to join them.

It was a gruelling 90 minute race, and I learned a lot. I thought I would be faster through the deep sand sections, since we ride a lot of sandy trails near this track. I also thought I would take it easier on the jumps since I have pretty much avoided getting any real air, ever! I surprised myself when I realized I could actually clear a few of the jumps, and looking back, I could have easily cleared a couple more of the jumps if I pushed a little more. Some of them were much bigger than my current skill set, and I landed hard enough to bottom out my suspension, and lock my gopro into my bars (cables) for a second... (very last clip of video). I also had to laugh at how I had to use some of the open, sandy sections to catch my breath, when I thought I would make up time in those spots.

What surprised me the most, was the small enduro-cross section we did not see when we walked the track the day prior. I came around the corner and saw the tires they had put into the trail, and immediatley thought, what would Jarvis do? Since I have never ridden anything like that before, and I have only watched videos online, I decided to hit the obstacles like I had a clue... It did not always work, and I had some challanges I never would have expected there (the tires laying flat seemed so innocent until I got stuck and dug a trench!).

I saw three other GasGas bikes in the pit area, and they all looked much nicer and newer than mine. They were all racing in the faster classes too.

Overall it was a success for my first race. I crashed quite a few times, but my bike and I never gave up. I finished the whole 90 minute race! I even managed to beat one of my friends. I finished way towards the back of the C-Open class, which is cool because I can only move up from here I think carrying more speed overall will make things easier next race. While my bike needs some work, I really think more endurance training on my end would go a lot further next race!

Dont mind my language in the video below, I say crazy things when I think I am about to crash! Sorry about all the coughing, spent the three weeks prior sick...

Edit: I am done caring why my apostrophes always turn to question marks!!!...

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Old 03-05-2019, 11:26 PM
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Very nice, thanks for posting!
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Old 03-06-2019, 08:58 PM
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Way to go do not STOP Competing it rally is a blast to be with other people doing what we love . And Winning at it makes it even better .
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