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Old 06-06-2019, 06:09 AM
2smokin 2smokin is offline
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Default ohh sheettt!

so i finally got to take my new 18 EC 300 out on some flowing double track yesterday and have a blast! up until this point i had only ridden tight woods were i was making new single track and waiting for things to dry up and the trails to open.

The bike ran great but i do have some setup to do as i got a lot of head shake at higher speeds and lots of deflection in rock gardens. I am 6 foot 180 lbs and before this ride i set the front compression to 8 clicks in from full soft and the rear suspension 8 clicks from full hard (assuming all the way in is full hard?). I don't believe this to be a bike issue but more of a suspension setup issue.

So this weekend i will be checking the head stock bearing tightness, setting sag, and possibly making sure the wheel is true (all the spokes were loose at about 5 hrs and i am wondering if i over tightened one side). Also on the list will be to turn up the PV to see if i get a little quicker hit off the bottom.

all in all i love this bike and i cant wait to get it dialed in and rip my first hare scramble!

ohh ya, and nothing happened with out a picture right?! here's the GG taking a break at the sheeeteerr and looking at a tasty hiking trail that would be single track heaven... if it were allowed .
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Old 06-06-2019, 12:18 PM
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Great to hear you're enjoying the new bike.
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Old 06-10-2019, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by 2smokin View Post
... before this ride i set the front compression to 8 clicks in from full soft...
To make it easier you should always count clicks from the fully closed (firmest) position.
So if I got it right you set the comp of the forks to the firmest (sports) position which is 10 clicks from fully closed. That's to firm for fast rocky sections unless your real name is Wade Young....
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Old 06-11-2019, 05:38 AM
2smokin 2smokin is offline
Join Date: May 2019
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not Wade Young but I may be Billy Bolt ... in my dreams! I will deff have to play with the settings more and will keep in mind to adjust from fully closed. the terrain wasn't a real rock garden more of a hard packed ATV trail with some large rock patches from time to time (think 2nd, 3rd gear on the pipe type stuff).

I bought a truing stand for the wheels yesterday, just waiting to get some time to make some adjustments and ride!
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