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Old 06-23-2010, 08:54 PM
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Default The Tire Thread - Please add your information

Credit for this thread actually goes to Aflica (Steve)

Pressure the tire was run at-
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)-
Terrain ridden-
How well did it work-
How well the tyre lasted-
Any other notes-

Bike (model and year)-
Skill level-

Would you buy another?
If not, why?

can we get this stickied please

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Old 06-24-2010, 05:07 AM
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Tire-dunlop MX31 (front and rear)
Pressure the tire was run at-6-7lbs front, 5-6lbs rear
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)-tubliss!
Terrain ridden-rocks/roots/mud/loam/hardpack - NO sand, pavement, or clay...
How well did it work-most excellent - rear is trials like at this pressure, and it turns! front gets weird if below 6lbs...
How well the tyre lasted-REAR (6 races, flipped every other race), FRONT 6 races (flipped every other race)
Any other notes- this is the best tire combo i have ever used. i have been through 3 rears and 2 fronts this season so far. wear is about average for me. i switch tires out before they are dead - both rears and fronts could last longer, i just like fresh tires..............the fronts chunk out earlier than i would like (actually they just show cracks at base of side knobs), but i am running low pressure in extremely rocky conditions.....i am now using slime in the fronts, as they leak from side knobs cracking starting at around 3rd race..i have had no issues with bent front rims yet, but my rim definitely has a black ring around it after a race....
Bike (model and year)-2000 xc200
Skill level-faster than some, slower than some..
Location-morgantown, wv

Would you buy another? YES - i will run these forever until something better comes along (doubtful...)

other notes: i have run mx51 (wore too fast and sucked), s12 (great at first, when they wear they become very slick), motoz (maybe i wasn't at the right pressure - but i didn't like the rear,no hookup when wet - it wore great though), 756 (i like this tire), m12 (miserable when wet), 952 a decent overall tire, but not grippy like real tires , pirelli scorpion xc front (too grippy on side knobs- grabbed sides of deep ruts and made for unpredictability ), michelin unicross (i run this on my vintage bikes - a decent compromise for vintage look and feel. i should be running mx31's though..)
07 ec300
was 00 xc200 now a 00 xc300. now parting out.
99 ec300 (now a pile of parts which are for sale)

Stainless Cycle - Motorcycle Bolt Kits

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Old 06-24-2010, 07:37 PM
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Tire- Rear Trials - Currently Dunlop D803 , but only cause the Michelin was out of stock , Otherwise Michelin Tube type . Front Currently a Kenda Washougal Sticky
Pressure the tire was run at- Rear 9 to 9.5 Front 12.5 to 13
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)- Rear Moose heavy duty tube . 2 Rim locks . Front stock tube
Terrain ridden- Tight single track with lots of roots and smooth rock faces mostly. Blast rock at times on transfer sections of logging road and also quad tracks with rooty sections
How well did it work- The difference between the Michelin and Dunlop in performance is negligible . The trials just works great for me. I have a second rear wheel with a knobby for the occasional time i go to a sandy loamy area that a more aggressive tire works well in
How well the tyre lasted- Dunlop develops cracks fast on the leading edge of the knobs where they meet the tire but dont affect the performance or life. The Dunlop does out last the Michelin slightly but i just like the Michelin a little bit more in the wet season. Washougal always works good for me
Any other notes- We ride a lot of trials trails here and some are very steep with a lot of sharp turns and the trials tire lets you lose all your momentum on those turns and start right back up again with little to no tire spin . And on what we call "Baby Head Rocks" (round rocks the size of Baby heads) they simply hook up and go , and on a good long steep stretch of hill thats a game saver

Bike (model and year)- 2010 Nambotin
Skill level- Intermediate or maybe a little above , i can ride all the trails and some times really fast and sometimes not so fast , but i do try to be aggressive on my lines and trust the bike will do what i ask of it , and it always does , its just me who fails
Location- Vancouver Island , British Columbia , Canada

Would you buy another? Yes to all 3 tires i mentioned
2011 Nambo

Out on the Trails on Vancouver Island , BC

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Old 07-28-2010, 07:17 PM
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Tire-maxxis SI front, GBc Dirtshark rear
Pressure the tire was run at-round 20ish for both ( yaya i know i should check it. im a noob and as long as its not flat i dont have a problem)
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)-tubes
Terrain ridden-anything from sand to clay, rocks and tree roots
How well did it work-the si works great, especially in wet clay and loam, the GBC seems to grab onto just about anything except wet hardpack gravel road and sometimes rocks
How well the tyre lasted-pounded out about 30 miles on wet jagged rock on hills where the sand had washed away, and i still have all of my knobs. the maxxis is almost new, the GBC was on there since before i bought the bike, and still has tons of tread.
Any other notes-ya ya the GBC is cheap. it grabs, and it wears great. slides when i want it to. while riding i did seem to have trouble getting the bike to make long sweeping turns at a good speed, but i dont think that can be credited to the tire.

Bike (model and year)-03 Ec250
Skill level-NOOB (about 6 months of good riding under my belt)
Location-west central Minnesota

Would you buy another? Maxxis, maybe, i used to have a michlin s12 xc, and that was good, but liked to lose knobs, i may switch back to try it again, but i would buy the maxxis. the GBC, if i can find another one, i will buy it. its dirt cheap, and has a good bite, and seems to last forever.
If not, why?
03 ec250
hyde skidplate, cycra handguads, protaper contours
"what? it seemed like a good idea at the time!"
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Old 07-30-2010, 04:25 AM
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Default tire thread

Still use Michelin S!2, 15 rear, 12 front, never had any of the bad ones, they last me a long time, very few rocks where I ride.
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Old 07-31-2010, 02:21 AM
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M404 M403 Bottom east bit of Australian mainland.
EC300 2019 (11 Gassers owned, many more to go)
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Old 08-06-2010, 06:35 PM
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[QUOTE=noobi;45362]Credit for this thread actually goes to Aflica (Steve)

Tire- Rear Meltzer MC5,Front Michelin Enduro comp.
Pressure the tire was run at-rear 14,front 16
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)- tube
Terrain ridden-loam,clay,grass.
How well did it work-front is good but will change to a perilli scorpion when worn.Rear is good no issues.
How well the tyre lasted-front is wearing really well,rear is wearing fast.
Any other notes-The Michelin enduro comp rear it came with was awful.

Bike (model and year)-2010 ec300
Skill level-intermediate
Location-New Zealand

Would you buy another? rear yes,front no.
If not, why? not a bad tyre but just always found the Perilli scorpion better.
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Old 11-05-2010, 11:40 AM
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Bike=2005 Honda CR250
Rear Michelin X11 trials tire.
Pressure=9 pounds

I ride western Pennsylvania. A mix of rocks, roots and plenty of hills. Lots of variety in dirt type. Sometimes hard pack sometimes soft loam.

I love this tire and will not go back to a knobby. It's amazing and unless you try it you won't understand.
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Old 11-06-2010, 09:49 AM
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06 EC 300 ridden in really tight eastern woods (KY, USA) with some old connector dirt roads thrown in. Advanced intermediate rider as far as speed, pretty good as far as going through the rough stuff with 25 years in the saddle. Running the Pirelli MT43 on the rear around 8 psi with IRC heavy tube. Front tire is whatever my buddy that races has sitting around at 12 psi . The trails tire works great most of the time. There are some fast quad trails we sometimes ride that is kind of sandy and its still excellent there. On rocks its like velcro. The Dunlop is slightly stickier but not nearly as durable so its a compromise. Also the Dunlop wants to come off the bead even with 2 rim locks. The tire will last forever, and I mean forever. My son has had one almost a year of regular riding on his 250 and just starting to show a little wear. When the edges get rounded it has little or no effects. Also they are very gentle on the trail, almost too gentle, I cut my own trails and can't seem to ride them down enough to even follow.

Now the downside-if the trails are muddy braking is terrible, you have to adjust your riding style. Also deep mud isn't going to hook up as well. Its getting winter here and turning nasty so I may switch back to a knob. If its dry and not deep sand they are the only way to go.
2006 EC300, 2000 XR650R, 2003 EC250, 2001 EC200 (OK, the last two are really my sons).
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Old 11-06-2010, 01:32 PM
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Tire:- Michelin comp 3 and 4
Pressure the tire was run at- N/A
Inflation device(tube, tubliss, mousse etc)- Mousse
Terrain ridden- Woods/Forestry
How well did it work-Great
How well the tyre lasted-4 events (but matter of choice as new is best)
Any other notes-

Bike (model and year)-EC200
Skill level-Moderate

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