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Old 10-16-2018, 02:17 AM
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There is a large brass bolt in the radiator with wires to it. When it gets hot the cct completes and your fan should start.

That looks very similar to my 00 but few frame changes.

In road racing people run lots of oil, like 20:1 of synthetic which is way more than the bottles usually recomend, but better protection and more power from better sealing.

You can't hurt it putting lots of oil in. You own a 20yr old Spanish bike and all the bearings are old. I'll let you decide how much you want to push the envelope of good lubrication.

The big thing is getting the jetting right. On my 200, using NZ gas at close to sea level and 60:1 for Trials use - so many differences, it was pretty stumbly. I found 1 size smaller pilot and 1 smaller main worked wonders. Maybe the previous owner/s has already changed, but surprisingly few do.

I found my Honda dealer stocked dellorto jets as they owned montessa but that was years ago.
The mixture screw is really for how it reacts from closed to just open. In is richer, out leans it but if you are to 3 screws out go size smaller pilot jet.

Oh yeah mine was difficult to operate the choke lever as it was close to frame. Had to poke it fully on, and drilled and fitted a cable tie to make it easy to pull to close.

Always run carb out of gas. Mine would stick the float jet so would start and run for a min then die and need a tap to get it running again. Ahh, dellortos.
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