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Enduro Intake/Carburetion - 2 stroke Jetting, Reeds, Air Filters, etc.

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Old 11-08-2009, 03:21 AM
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Default at least i think its jetting related

today my bike would not run on the pilot or main. it would just burble and load up and not rev at all. it would run ok WOT and on the limiter, and at idle with slightly open throttle, but any more and burble.... so between 1/16 open throttle and 15/16ths open throttle it wouldn't run. it sounded like it was rich, but the plug wasn't fouled.

i changed the plug and that worked for about 1 minute then the burbling.
i did drop the bike in a puddle yesterday, but i didn't submerge the air box, im thinking it might have sucked water, or more likely something into the carb which is blocking a jet.

the jetting was fine until today, and the only thing that i can imagine is causing the problem is jetting because the bike starts and runs, just terribly.

the plug is a BR9ES, which it will run on all day doing slow technical riding and not foul. the plug colour when i pulled the plug after it was burbling was a brown/white colour, not fouled black.

i drained the float bowl and checked for water, and i couldn't tell if water came out or not. but it didn't make a difference to how the bike ran, if anything it made it worse.

I'm hoping that its just some crud in the carb blocking something up.

so on the check list is, strip carb and clean all jets, check reeds, check air boots, clean air filter, drain crankcase if that's possible, welb up holes in pipe, change muffler packing, drop the fuel and clean carb and tank with methanol to try and remove any moisture.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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