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Old 05-07-2022, 08:05 PM
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Default TM = Tiny motor- Thrill machine

So I pulled the trigger on a new TM 144 . Still have my 300s GG + Sherco . Just wanna try something different and I had enough in my budget. Only been out once for a little bit. It is a small tractor. It weighs nothing =, but i'm a fat bastard 250 + . I asked a lot from it and it aint a 300 . So my skills should improve having to be more active if I want to keep up on the tough technical stuff, no more just cranking the throttle to pop up the front. Riding for the day tomorrow. Any tips from small bore guys esp. if youre a FB too. Thanks good weekend everyone

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Old 05-09-2022, 11:31 PM
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Give us an update! I'm curious re: the comparison to the 300. Sounds like there is a fun factor.

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Old 05-10-2022, 07:57 PM
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I recently tested a yamaha yz125x and i suspect it has similar funfactor. I tested the full wr and yz-x range and the 125 was by far the most fun. I think because you are always on the pipe you feel like a pro but things still come at you at amateur pace LOL

but try and climb a hill in the wrong gear and you quickly realise how a 300 spoils you
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Old 05-11-2022, 10:27 AM
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Default Wrong gear!

Bike is unreal in the turning and direction changes. If someone could make that bike a 300 ....... Seriously feels like a heavy mountain bike. Rarely feel like not in full control - or at least some Lots of work to ride I feel like i'm on my wifes elliptical machine. The only thing stopping me from making big obstacles is skill. I did get her up a big hill that guys struggle with. I've launched myself into the woods a few times already with bad clutch control / gear selection . I find myself downshifting 2-3 gears at a time . hills are 2nd and even 1st gear. Suspension is not set for me I don't think it was sprung correctly for my weight, by dealer. Right now the front end is beating the crap outta me.
Contacted HOH to get his help with spring selection. I can't imagine how much fun this bike would be for a light guy. Definitely wouldn't keep as my only bike, but am glad I bought it! Also not jetted properly, Ordered a lectron for it, waiting on that.
Swazi Matt - it does make you feel like Superman - until you mess up!
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