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Old 05-14-2018, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Motocrotts View Post
Got the 300 out for the first ride today. Mods were FMF 2.1 SA, BPD Rad guards and rear disc guard and a TMD skid plate with linkage guard. I set the suspension in the standard settings according to the manual and moved the stock bars into the far forward position. Left the carb stock for break in. Conditions today were 80 degs and 2500-3000' in elevation, desert single track, dry and slick. Former bike was a 2017 300 Beta 300RR race. Engine was pretty tight and didn't want to idle at first but loosened up during the day. Jetting was rich but still very ridable, it never loaded up or spuddered. I'll play with the stock needle before switching to anything dramatic. Bike starts right up and I really like the choke on the handlebars, I was really impressed with the lack of vibration felt through the stock bars. Engine is super smooth. Maguara clutch is super easy to pull and I really like the engagement, I'll be holding off on a rekluse. Bike feels super light compared to the Beta, I haven't weighed it but it feels lighter. It has nice lift handles under the rear fender on both sides. At 6' tall the stock bars are too low for me but I'll be putting a sub mount damper on so it will raise them to the correct level for me. I'd say their for someone 5-10" or so. The engine is deceptively fast even in it's rich state with a strong mid range pull and it wants to go, so I rode it like I stole it all day. It was hesitant to pull up top as it took some coaxing because of the richness, but you don't need to ride it up there. Bottom thru the upper mid is all you need to really scoot. It also feels so flickable it's a blast in the corners. The stock fork springs are just a little too soft for me at 190lbs. When I'm standing I'm pushing the forks into the middle of the stroke and I'm getting a bit of deflection in the rocks but nothing serious, although I know it can be better. Rear is still stiff but sucks up the big hit and tracks straight. Brakes are fantastic and very progressive, just like the Beta, since they are the same. It is the best shifting bike I've ever owned, bar none. There is no comparison to any other bike as far as shifting goes IMHO. So I put 36 miles on it today and I'll consider it broken in now. I'll post any jetting changes I make.

Funny you say it’s the best shifting bike. Mine shifts like an old Mack truck. Probably my biggest complaint.

I’m 6’1” and the bars are perfect for me. I run the forward hole with the clamps turned back.

I ride in IN, KY, and TN so my thoughts on suspension will be totally different than yours. At race pace in a hare scramble or Enduro it is spectacular. When things slow down and it gets rocky I fight deflection really bad. Currently I am running 2 clicks in from full soft on the forks and it’s manageable. When it gets too hot to ride I plan to have the compression softened up in the forks and the rebound stiffened in the shock due to the large spring I run.

I messed with the stock needle and never could reach my happy place. Pitched it and went with the N3CH. Think you have good bottom end now? Wait till you try another needle. It’s retarded!

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