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Old 03-16-2021, 08:25 PM
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Default Quad Flow Torque Wing

Thunder Products Quad Flow Torque Wing - Snake oil or "legit" improvement?

In brief - Great product, it works! Both of the above statements could be true depending upon your riding style!


I was disappointed when Ron Black (RB Designs) stopped doing carb mods. I had his divider plate installed in my 2005 GG 300 and loved the result. I couldn't find anyone else who currently adds divider plates, and didn't really want to do a home-made version (there are some threads out there showing you how to do it). Dick's Racing does carb mods - oval bore and such - but when it comes to the divider plate, they add the Torque Wing.

I'm one who likes torquey, grunty power down low and figured I'd try the Torque Wing to see if it would make a difference. I'm a middle-of-the-pack recreational rider who rides a lot of PNW woods, but like to open it up in the Central Oregon desert as well.

This was easy. You have to cut a couple of 2mm or so slots on the reed side of the carb to accept the tabs on the TW that keep it in place (think black marker and a hacksaw blade). Center the TW in the carb opening - there is a 1-2mm gap between each of the plate edges and the wall of the carb. I talked to Thunder Products about this (I'm pretty sure it was the owner/inventor - helpful guy). The gap is intentional, as it exists to even out the pressure in each of the 4 quadrants.

The bottom "wing" seemed to be quite close to a pilot jet opening, to the point of almost being over the top of it. TP said that it is fine to trim off a corner of the bottom plate if you feel that this is a problem. I did not, and did not find any issue.

Notice that the Torque Wing extends out the front of the carb a certain distance. The idea is that it reaches toward the reeds, continuing the air flow in an uninterrupted manner through the reed block.

The theory
Others can correct me and explain this better, but air swirling through your carb creates an uneven pull on fuel, and the less disturbance in the air stream the better. Another factor is that a smaller carb is better "down low" in the rev range while a larger carb creates more power "up top". The idea of a divider plate is that you essentially create a "small carb" situation when you are at less than half throttle. All of the air moving through the carb moves under the slide and under the divider plate - so up to half-throttle, the carb functions as if it were smaller. Open up the slide some more, and the upper chamber comes into play.

Ride report
Upon starting the bike, I could immediately tell that something was different. Before, when cold, it would idle for 15-20 seconds and then die. When warm, idle would be in the proper range. With the TW installed, the initial idle was steady and consistent.

(a) Under way, I found more stall resistance - I could idle down even lower than before and still recover.

(b) The engine ran smoother, which I didn't think was possible, since it ran good before (I've ridden this GG without the TW on the same weekend as TPI bikes a couple of different times, and this one ran as good or better. I'm not trying to start an argument; in my experience, the stock TE TPI bikes popped more on deceleration and did not put out the same type of power that the GG XC does).

(c) With the Torque Wing installed, I could "lug" better. If the RK Tek head means that you can run a gear higher, my "emotional" (if not actual) experience is that with the TW I can run another 1/2 gear higher yet. It's fun to feel the engine pull out of situations that would otherwise overcome it.

I don't want to recommend this product, have you spend your money, and have you disappointed. This is not going to change your powerband to the extent that a different pipe or a porting job will. But if, for instance, you like the difference that getting your jetting "right" made, or the effect of a G2/slow throttle (or vice-versa), or the difference in soft/hard maps - this is a fun item to tinker with.

$100?? You aren't paying for the metal it took to construct the device, you're paying for the design & engineering (and number of hours it would take you to come up with your own).

So who is this for?
If you're a racer, a "charger", and spend most of your time in the upper part of the throttle range, this product may indeed feel like "snake oil". It isn't meant to work above half throttle (although I did think I got some improvement there, too). You may be better off spending your $100 somewhere else.

If you're in a lot of technical terrain, even 2-3rd gear "flowy", and like to keep your tire rotation speed down and traction up as you negotiate obstacles - well, it hit my "happy button"! More stall-proof, smoother running, stronger power down low, all good!



PS - Wish I had remembered to take a couple of pictures! These are off the internet and representative.



'18 GG XC 300
'05 GG DE 300
'01 GG txt 321
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