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Old 08-24-2010, 10:55 AM
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Default Houston Area Ride with the GasGasMan!

I just wanted to thank Girard for all of the help he gave to me and my riding partner Bob this past weekend. You could not find a better man in all of dirt biking as he lugged two old guys around, took us riding in 100+ degree temperatures, and helped us crate a bike (thanks Boomhauer!). I cannot begin to say how awesome it was to have a chance to ride while we were down there! The trails were great, the guiding was great, and all of the folks riding with us were as fast as they were nice! I sure hope to have a chance to ride down there again...As long as it is cooler! Thanks again, Girard, and thank Rob for the loan of a bike, too!


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Old 08-24-2010, 05:08 PM
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Eric, it was great to meet you and Bob.
I'm always greatful when I can extend any type of hospitality to my fellow Gasgasrider.org members.

The riding was not too bad, considering you guys wore minimal equipment due to airline restrictions.

Big thanks to Scott at Cycle Shack North for providing a shipping crate and allowing us to crate the bike up in the parking lot.

Timeline of this epic weekend.

8:30pm Friday night-Eric and Bob arrive in Houston.

9:45pm Friday- meet up with Boomhauer and complete transaction for bike purchase.

7:00am Sat-Rob (soon to be GG owner) Picks up bike at Boomhauer's house,brings along a spare bike for Bob to ride. Boomhauer lives about an hour from me. So it was a big help when Rob was able to pick the bike up.

7:10am Sat-Eric and Bob meet me at my house and head to the trails.

8:40am- Get to trail head at the Sam Houston National Forest.Trails were dry and dusty.

1:00pm-finish riding and head over to Cycle Shack to pick up crate.
Scott informs us he can ship the bike for a smoking deal. Tells us we can crate the bike up there, but we need banding straps for the crate.

1:15pm-head to car was to wash bike since Bob hit the only mud hole in the forest. It was like adobe mud/clay.

1:45pm-went out in search for banding straps-Almost got side- swiped by soccer mom in Volvo wagon. Same parking lot, said Volvo gave us another close call. The hell.

2:30pm-Gave up on finding straps. Headed back to Cycle Shack and start taking the bike apart.The only tools we had was what was in my fanny pack. We needed a small allen wrench that I was missing-no biggie. The allen wrench was needed to remove the front # plate that Boomhauer gave STRICT instructions to remove from the bike before it left for Colorado. Eric rotated the entire plate and the allen bolt came off. 102F heat, little shade. Drank over 6 bottles of water.

3:45pm. Bike all crated up. Paid the shipping cost etc. Headed home.
5:00pm Get to my house.We were thinking about eating out. At this point we were all drained and decided to call it a day.

Many thanks to Gasgasrider.org for being a conduit for me meet great people from all over the world.

See you guys on the trail.


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