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Old 10-12-2010, 01:43 AM
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Default Handlebar mounting position

I was mucking around looking for something to "improve" on my bike the other night. I decided to fiddle with my bars. I noticed that the clamps with the T shaped bolts are actually off set, thus providing, with the 2 holes in the top TC, 4 different mounting positions. It occurred to me that as I shifted the bars further forward, away from the steering stem, the "shape" of the arc the bar ends took was changing. It started developing a "sideways swing" component. A few little test rides on a nearby hill proved the steering felt heavier, the further forward the bars were mounted.
So, here is a little brain teaser for you - say you centralise the steering, then measure from each end the bars to the central seat hold down bolt. Note that measurement. Now mount the bars furthest rearward, and then furthest forward, each time, keeping the bar ends in the same relative place (the measurement you took) by rolling them in the clamps. With me so far? Now, when turning from lock to lock, will the shape of the arc change, or will it stay the same? Is it important? Do you think you feel this as you ride?
I think it may be significant because it may be causing you to move your shoulders and perhaps upper body to accommodate this "swinging arc".
Of course, for most of us, it's a bit academic because the front most hole seems to offer the best feeling ergos - the rear holes make the bike feel cramped.........but it's got me wondering......
07 EC250
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