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Enduro Engine - 2 stroke Cylinder, Piston, Tranny, Bearings, Clutch, Pipes & Silencers, etc.

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Old 09-06-2019, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Doc Brown View Post
Many thanks my friend! It is interesting what you say about the forks. The question is, do I need better ones. I am an average Joe and I am not fast, compared to fast guys I am very slow. But I know it and I know some guys who are also very slow, they just don't know it

I like the Beta's, always wanted one... but, believe it or not, the Gassy works fine again. Not sure if it will stay that way but for the moment it works, I don't know why, that bothers me a bit.

I installed another clutch master cylinder a guy lend me. before I installed it I cleaned the master cylinder and installed a repair kit. But, you already know it, it didn't change anything. In a flush of anger I put it in 5th gear held the throttle wide open and slipped the clutch. Did it 5 times and really tortured it. I was so angry I wished it would explode. Then started in first WOT and shifted without closing throttle, just using the clutch.
Still furious I did something I never would have thought, I drained the oil and filled the gearbox with ATF. Since decades I preach don't use ATF.

But since I filled the ATF (Castrol Dex II) it works. Not 100% but 90. I really could live with that. Now I don't know why it works.
Can it really be the oil? Its ATF its fucking made for automatic transmissions, how can this be. I mean I changed the darn whole clutch, basket hub, plate, slave, master. Every-fucking-thing. Then I fill ATF and all is good???

I've preached ATF for years! On some bikes it helps cure a dragging clutch, notchy shifting (Kawasaki), and/or makes it easier to find neutral when the engine is running. Every two stroke I've ever owned has had ATF in it with zero negative effects ever. It is roughly the same weight as regular motor oil yet also includes some detergents that help keep everything clean. If you understand how an automatic vehicle transmission works you would see how similar the components are between it and a two stroke wet clutch setup. Compare the friction discs in auto vehicle transmission and the frictions for our bikes and you'll see they are very similar and work on the same principle. Another advantage is you can find ATF a lot more places than motorcycle spec motor oil!

Like Jacob said, it will probably get better with your next oil change as you work all the old motor oil out of the friction plates.

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