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Old 11-23-2009, 05:45 PM
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Default Bring a bike back from storage/partsdom..(long)

So,, years ago when I bought my 03 250ec I kept my 97 and used it to putts around the yard and as a loaner bike.. after the first year it became a rolling parts bike.. then a not so rolling,, well not under its own power.. After my auto wreck I sold my 03 so I wouldnt be tempted to ride,, the Dr.s said it would be a long time till I could ride again.. They gave me the ok to ride street,, so I got a KTM 625 sxc and did easy trail,, now I'm pushing that beast thru our regular enduro trails.. so much for a "street bike".. Decided to bring my 97 back out of retirement.. replaced the carb, cleaned out the fuel tank, put an exhaust on it for now.. FMF which I'm not a fan of,, would like a GG stamped pipe,, if anybody would like to trade,, the FMF is off an 02 or 03.. and just a fyi my messico for a 99 fit my 03 better than my 03 pipe did.. go figure.. Slid on my fankensilencer,, a PC ISDE for a KTM 380(96) as the stock silencer doesnt fit either.. The bike has a BBR alum subframe for a KX 250.. I have shifting issues I do not remember having when it was last put away. I'll pull the cover off and see whats up.. I have a G2 throttle to install that I got for x-mas 2 years ago and never got to install on my 03. need a computer.. trailtech maybe? Has mostly black plastic now,, kx rear fender and side panels and six days black shrouds.. no headlight and a leftover 01 red fr fender with the clear coat.. looks odd..
I need an oversized tank,, but its a 97,, has a tall part of the cyl head and havent found one that has a cut out for this.. Maybe make one,, gotta learn to tig someday..
Need to fix the rear shock,, or hope it fixs itself.. has a slight leak at the shaft.. it was rebuilt 1/2 a season before it was retired.. it has a clear honey like oil drip.. I will most likely be taking this to have serviced again.. And the forks,, I'm hoping to get a set of 45 inverted GG zokes.. I have a set of husky zokes and they seam like they will take too much to get to work.. I should just get some WP's but,, never really liked them that much and if I'm going to convert might as well get ones I want.. Anyone need 45 conventional parts??
Hope to post some pics,, trying to figure how to do it from my phone,,
Any advice or questions, concerns or just comments welcome..

16 Beta 350rr
04 KTM 525 sx/exc gone
03 KTM 625 sxc-rehab unit-did its job and now gone
03 GG 250 ec-gone
97 GG 250 ec Gone
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