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Old 02-14-2018, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Cactus_Flat View Post
Agreed, though I am curious to hear more details. I have little doubt that Cody Webb wouldn't have still beaten the field, likely by a large margin, but I am hearing that there was a bit of a debacle with the missed checkpoint #2. Basically every pro but David Kamo missed it. Apparently several riders later went back to cross the check after learning that they had missed it. There was some confusion about whether or not checks needed to be completed in order, and I never heard if cody ended up going through that check or not. But I read that some riders claimed to have expended upwards of 45 minutes getting back to the missed check, but at the time of turning back, were not far off of Cody's pace.

Unfortunate circumstances and it would be interesting to see what the written rule (if any) is on this matter for KOM.
There is no written rulebook, it's pretty seat of the pants rule wise. In previous years missing a check was a DQ, this year I guess it was a penalty which I'm sure was covered in the riders meeting but if you've ever been to a KOM riders meeting they are a bit hard to follow. Just look at some of the top five pro rider's instagram posts and read between the lines to get an idea of the "organization"

IMO no one finished that race 100% but they had to award results to someone...

In three years this was my first time not finishing and honestly I think it's kind of BS that anyone who didn't ride all the course and get all the checks would be considered a finisher. No one does this shit for participation trophies.

I love the event and consider any personal failures incurred during participation my responsibility but the event could go a long ways with some simple changes to make things more clear to the competitors.

Is James Flynn the youngster riding for Moto Center? If so we rode most of this race together both the night and the long race and made the same dumb mistakes. He was also pitted next to us at the Rev Limiter. Cool kid and cool family, if he sticks with it he'll make a name for himself.
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