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Old 06-27-2020, 05:19 PM
clyde34 clyde34 is offline
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Question 2006 ec300 wiring/lights

Im new to gas gas m/c's.
Ive just got a 2006 ec300.
there is no switch gear or dash fitted to it. it has a single beam head light and rear light fitted (hard wired into the loom.)
I want to fit a dash and switchgear and high and low beam light?
Im sure the connector for the Dash is present, which I can repair to work .
but I've looked at the wiring diagram and pictures of the switchgear, I can't see how this would connect to my harness? is the lighting harness separate from the main harness?

any help would be appreciated ??
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Old 09-07-2023, 09:46 PM
Legolamb Legolamb is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
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Hey buddy. I will start with the fact I will be absolutely useless in answering your question. I am also in a similar predicament to yourself. I have a 2007 EC250 and would like to add a new headlight (LED if possible!) to my setup but my wiring is such a mess that I don't know where to start. There's more tape on my harness and loom than there is in an electrical supply shop! I'm scared to touch anything as my clocks already flicker when I mess behind the light fitting. I'm not shy about taking stuff to bits but everything so far I have purchased for this bike has either been very expensive, unable to get or the wrong parts. I've never known anything like it!
I will follow your thread closely in the grim hope that we can generate some replies from the experts on here.
I had my bike recently looked at by a bike mechanic and due to limitations in my budget, he did what he could just to get my stock headlight working enough to blag the bike through an MOT without completely stripping out the loom and making up a new one. According to him, my lighting harness is separate from the rest of the bikes harness. Kind of in two pieces. I cannot say for sure as I'm no expert. I had asked him if I could get a new complete harness made up custom and he said that he could get out the lighting, horn, indicators (it has extra wires spliced into this one...I presume they were to be indicators?! Previous owner...) and clock harness out in a separate piece to the rest of the wiring (cdi, rectifier etc, etc). Thus I could then just have the lighting, clocks, indicator, harness made custom and rebuilt. That's how I know that it's a separate harness....or I presumed that anyway and may be completely wrong.
The cost of getting a new harness made up ran into the low hundreds anyway and my budget just won't run that far at present.
So, I'm a bit stuck. The stock headlight is about as useful as a candle in a tornado and I want to ride all day and all night on it and I want the brightest headlights I can get...even some spotlights on my forks too. But I don't want to mess too much because the wires seem brittle, there's the too much tape issue and I'm not sure if this bike, just having the stator with no battery, could power the lights I want. Also, I had LED indicators on a previous bike and had to have some sort of resistor wired in to make them work. Not sure if that was to help them flash properly though...I can't remember.
I hope someone can come through for us amd.give us some advice on what to do. Maybe suggest some decent GG mechanics in the UK? I've got mates with Kwaks, Yammys and Hondas. They have no problem getting shops to work on their bikes. Everyone I've seen is hesitant to touch mine. Like it's something a bit alien.
Fingers crossed we can get some guidance.
Kind regards, Sam.
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Old 09-07-2023, 09:51 PM
Legolamb Legolamb is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Posts: 5

I just had a bit of a brainwave too....I'm sure the plug for the clocks would come from the harness before the lighting loom. The clocks have to do the speedo and rev counter...so the wires from that would have to come from the engine as such? No?
Surely the lights and stuff would then have to come through the rectifier? Just a passing thought as to why the clock cables might be there but no lighting harness.....
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