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Old 09-25-2018, 01:32 AM
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Default First Time At A Motocross Track - 2013 XC300E

And it was not a nice, well maintained track!!!... It is however nearly unknown, and was a great place for our motley crew of 6 to explore for the day

Conditions were dusty, and hot. We were riding at sea level at a hidden MX track that had a few sandy trails around the perimeter. Go the wrong way one direction and angry famers are chasing you out of their orchards, the other way and people are using the sandy hillclimbs near the river as a backstop for target shooting! If you stay in the right spots it can be a very fun trip...

In the middle is an incredible motocross track, that while neglected, has a lot of potential. I have never ridden on a track (and don?t know much about tackling big jumps). My 300 is not exactly built for this (more on this in a moment). I spent a lot of time shifting between 2nd and 3rd on the track and had a blast charging up the steep faces, while learning to ride wheelies over the various step up and step downs (there was one step down I should have just jumped because it was a little scary to ride over). Once I got a feel for the track I started pushing it on the tabletops and was able to catch some air on a few jumps (they were all huge and steep!). I even landed sideways a couple times, sliding right into the burm on the next turn, and it made me feel way cooler than it probably looked...

While I like my bikes setup on trails (set sag, and turned all clickers to factory specs a few rides ago), my friend disagreed on the track. After playing on the track for a bit, I had a friend who is an experienced motocross racer (running a new Yamaha YZ250 smoker) take my bike for a few laps. He had no problem clearing all the jumps and even got it loose a bit. When he came back his only comments were that she is heavy, has no top end, and the suspension is too soft... Specifically not enough compression and too much rebound. I wonder if this is why I don?t feel consistent with my jumps. Sometimes I land on the front wheel, sometimes way in the backseat, even when I feel like I used the same body position and throttle as the previous lap... Either way I did not crash which is a good way to end a challenging day.

Now for the trails. In this tiny little location, we hit everything from loose leaf covered trails, to deep sandy single track, a little water, large river rock and some deep sand that had me using my top end a lot. We also found a long levy road that let us really open the bikes up. My GG performed flawlessly, even when I bit off more than I could chew. I am a bit of a dirt rookie and finally found a sandy hillclimb, full of ruts that I had to turn around and take a second shot at. It was actually fun getting stuck on a deep sandy hill and learning how to turn the bike around while slding downhill... thank goodness for e-start!

There was more gore and grunting as I buried the rear tire in sand and loose river rock multiple times, and had to lift the tire out of the hole I had dug. I also felt like a hard enduro spectator a couple times when a couple friends struggled up some steep hills. I grabbed their font tires and helped them lug their bikes over the crest when they stalled near the top (they were all motocross bikes with newer riders too)... We also had a popped tire on a Honda 450, and 2 crashes from friends on Yamaha 450s (all on the motocross track).

All in all it was a great trip and no bikes or riders were seriously damaged. We may rent a bobcat for a weekend to dress-up this track before it rains. I will go rip the trails on my GG while they work on the track lol...

Edit: I am done caring why my apostrophes always turn to question marks!!!...
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