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Old 03-19-2019, 06:36 AM
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Default My 2019 Season

Ok, I am going to start this thread on my 2019 season and attempt to keep it up to date throughout the year.

About Me:
I am running the ECEA enduro series in the B-45 class, this is a 17 event series with 12 events counting towards points, you must run a minimum of 6 events and work one event for year-end points. The last time I rode this series was in 2013 on my 2013 EC 300, in the B-open (251cc plus) class and finished 2nd in year-end points.
This year I will be racing my 2018 GP300, with help from MetFin Shotblast Systems, Matto Cycle,,
Back in June, I went on a pretty serious diet losing close to 100lbs to date not quite where I want to be but on my way. I have been riding just about every weekend throughout the offseason, snow and studs have proven to be a good form of training.

The bike:
In Septemeber of last year, I was able to find a leftover 2018 GP300 at a very good price. The suspension has been great, resprung for my weight and I have not felt the need to re-valve, if I keep losing weight I will probably need to re-spring. I have been chasing jetting since day one, installed an RK Tech head which did not make any improvements, the bike has been running extremely lean. Long story short the intake gasket was installed wrong at the factory. I installed a new top end due to the bike getting hot and the piston showed a lot of blow by. So I am back to jetting. I have the e-starter working about 99.5% of the time now so that is all good. Added some P-tech protection, rad guards, case saver, and skid plate.

Round 1 3/17 Greenbrier Enduro, Port Elizabeth Nj.
Well, this round has never been friendly to me, with a DNF in 2012 due to a broken sub-frame (12 EC300) and injury in 2013. Its a sand run and I am a rock guy, so I go to Jersey with the goal to just to survive. So Wednesday I started getting nervous and rumors about the course were flying around due to the organizing club having land issues. The lost a bunch of land and had to run the same loop twice, with the potential of 500 riders a wet winter this could have been a really messy event. I decided I am going no matter what, I drew row 38 which had to be better than row 100!
Sunday morning:
I rolled up on the line and introduced myself to the other guys on my minute, one who was an A-Vet rider. He runs a pretty good pace, we pushed each other throughout the day, I was even able to beat him out of a few sections. He was a good timekeeper which is always good to have on your line. I had a programming issue in the second half and lost my odometer so glad he was there.
The club did an awesome job of putting this event on, all the trouble or potential trouble spots had people there to help or re-route the course around. The trail was awesome not too whooped and some really nice flow. Each loop was 28 miles, I hit reserve on the first loop so I really need to work on this jetting even though the bike felt good. I came out of that loop feeling good with my performance.
The second loop I got tired in the 2nd to the last section but was able to muster up enough strength to finish strong in the last section of the day.
The Finish:
Well, I got back to my truck feeling good, I felt like I rode good, finished just about as fast as I started, which is always my goal. I didn't stick around for scoring, loaded my truck and beat feet home figured I finished and felt good and that's a personal win. So I checked the scoring yesterday and I ended up 3rd in my class! For me in Jersey that is an accomplishment.
So the next event is next weekend, another Jersey run which I will not be attending, the course is nothing but whoops and if you don't maintain a 24mph average your day is done, so knowing I would die trying I think it is best for me to sit this one out. I will work on my jetting and get a good trail ride this weekend.
I ran into a few guys from here, Hamilton for one and a couple more I forgot, sorry my head spins on race day.
Next race Sandy Lane, 3/31

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Old 03-20-2019, 11:24 AM
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Congrats on a solid start to the season!
Good luck this year, see you at the races.
15 GASGAS EC 250
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Old 05-28-2019, 03:03 PM
Wimpy525 Wimpy525 is offline
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So we have gotten off to a slow start of the season here in the Northeast 3 out of the last 6 enduro's have been postponed/canceled due weather, forest fire or permitting issues. I missed one due to work (sand run so not too upset).

So this weekend was the Broad Mountain Enduro put on by the Reading Off Road Riders, this is probably the toughest enduro in the series. Rocks that don't give you a break all day long, warmer temps. The course is laid out in old strip mines so basically your riding on an upside-down mountain. This is what I ride pretty much every weekend I go out riding so very familiar with the terrain and I expected to do fairly well.
So knowing I was in for an ass kicking I started drinking water early in the week to be good and hydrated. Fist section of the day was not too bad, sections being from 3-9 miles long. Being a B-45 class rider I was given the pleasure of riding the A-B splits as well and they were pretty challenging with some cool creek rides and some nasty bar to bar tight stuff. About the second section in the power valve stuck closed and could not get the bike on the pipe, which hurt me tremendously for the rest of the day. Section 15 I had a problem with my checkmate and was late by 2 minutes getting into the section. I was able to zero it on the way out but was not enough.
So really good day for me bad on me for being late to the check, I ended up 2nd in B-45 and 14 overall B class, probably one of my better overalls. Just got to get this bike straight and I think I can get the win.
Hamilton was there on his Sherco and I believe he took the win in his class and beat me by 3.
Ridge Run June 9th is the next race for me.
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Old 05-29-2019, 07:33 PM
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Whimpy keep up the reports and stay uprite all season .
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