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Enduro Engine 4 stroke (including EFI & Exhaust) 4 stroke engine, EFI, and exhaust discussion

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Old 10-18-2014, 10:46 AM
MercyFlush MercyFlush is offline
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Default [HOW TO] Tune and Modify IAW15P ECU!

Hello all,

I'd like to say first of all that all credits for the software go to Bernd of the Moto guzzi forum and I want to thank him for the huge amount of help he gave me as I tried to apply his program to work with our bikes.

The program I used is called GuzziDiag but it has been written such that it can communicate with many Magneti marelli ECU?s. You can download it FREE here:

I am going to make this post a 'How To' program the ECU of any bike with a Magneti Marelli IAW15P.L0 ECU. This includes functions such as:

- Adjust CO levels
- Read Throttle position and angle
- Enable/disable features
- Adjust rev limiters
- Adjust Fuel and Ignition tables
- Read and record all sorts of measurements such as coolant temp, inlet pressure etc.

As of right now I have been communicating with the developer of the software and I have successfully downloaded and re-uploaded my ECU's rom and hopefully in the coming months we will be able to do things such as write our own fuel and ignition tables for our bike, yielding more power and even better fuel economy.

I was going to wait a little longer before I actually posted any of this info but I think a lot of people are getting to the point where they need to be able to adjust their CO values or even just reset the TPS and are not wanting to fork out the $$ to buy the stupid VDSTS (which I FULLY understand).

So far as I know it I am the only person that has a modified ECU and I?m sure many others will be VERY happy to be able to FREELY adjust their bikes as they see fit.

Currently as it stands I have been able to connect my bike, download the ROM, modify the Rev limiter, Disassemble and inject my own code (MUCH help from Bernd!) and reassemble and upload to ECU (Implemented a Fuel and Ignition map switching procedure). I have also tested out reducing the rev limiter (can increase also) just as a proof of concept.

At the present time I have communicated with Bernd of GuzziDiag and he has information on his website regarding to the use of the softwares and the hardware aspects.
The general solution is to buy a USB OBD *type* connector along with a FIAT 3 pin connector. You MUST insure you purchase a cable with an FTDI FT232R or EQUIVALENT serial converter inside and the OBD cable MUST ONLY do level conversion (It must NOT have a ELM327 controller). The OBD cable must be a K-Line or ISO9141 etc. compatible. You *can* make your own cable (I did) but just buy the damn thing trust me, it?ll be worth it.

Once you have your cable you make SURE the battery is charged
connect it all up and install the provided drivers
Download and run the GuzziDiag program
Now here is where it?s not finished, you currently have to select a bike which has a similar ECU such as one with the 15RC.
From here follow the instructions and when you turn on the ignition you should get a few values and a ?connected? display. Now you can start the bike and see the current CO and TPS etc.
There are calibrations you can do to reset TPS etc. But I have as of yet not tried them.

As far as downloading and upload and modifying the ECU ROM I will go into that in subsequent posts. But to quickly go over it, essentially you use the IAW15x reader program to read the original rom off of your bike (PLEASE do this TWICE to confirm you have no errors, because once you overwrite the original rom later on there is no backup etc so make one and store it on the cloud or on a USB or something!)
With the ROM saved in a .BIN format you will now need to download a program called TunerPro (Just the free version is fine).
Bernd and myself have created a ?definition? .XDF file for TunerPro for the GasGas FSE450 from 2003 which I have. You open the ROM in TunerPro and then select the XDF and it should format the rev limiter, fuel and ignition tables etc.
To upload a modified ROM you save the modified ROM as a .BIN again making sure to not overwrite your original (Please make sure to have a backup! or many!)
Open the IAW15xWriter and select the ROM you created and follow from there. When done the fuel pump should cycle as before! If not?. Sorry.

So to wrap up my first post on this topic I basically wanted to say It?d be great if people who do end up doing this could list their Maps, CO and TPS values for others etc as it will be great to have as much info at our finger tips as possible!

To those who manage to download their bikes ROM could you please send me a PM and email it to me? I?m very interested in doing some comparisons of different years EFI systems and I would in particular LOVE to get a hold of a later model (05-07) FSE/FSR/450/515.
At the present time I?m WAYYY too busy with work and University to be able to delve too deep into all this, but stay tuned, I know I will be checking the forums fairly regularly and helping out as I can but I?ll not be hand holding as I just don?t have the time atm.

Please consider donating to the project if it is of any use to you, I know that we must be grateful to have a program which goes well beyond that of VDSTS and the like and for FREE!

Okay so I've got a bit of time so I'll update on how to open the maps, modify and then re upload etc.

First off you need to download a program called Tuner Pro. You can get the FREE version here
Now you need to get the Definition file for your bike. Thus far the only definition out there is for MY bike, a 2003 FSE450. You can download my XDF from the dev's website here: It's currently in version 1.02 and still has a bit of work left.

The definition file just defines which HEX offset inside the binary (.bin) file refers to what table, flag or scalars etc. There will most likely be a few differences with your bikes ECU and mine but that is something which can be addressed in the future.

Now you need to open Tuner Pro and select your bin file (MAKE A COPY!!) and also select your definition file (.XDF). You should now have this in TunerPro.

Now that you have that, you can click on a few of the tables and see the values etc. Click on the graph button and you can see the graph of the specific table you selected.
Here is what my fuel map looks like:

You can then change values as suit you then save the binary from TunerPro and then re upload to your bike. PLEASE take care when messing with the fuel and ignition tables, a wideband is strongly recommended for tuning.
I hope that helps

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Old 10-18-2014, 02:55 PM
schlitzy schlitzy is offline
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Sounds like it could work with a 2009 450 fsr if I knew which cable to get. Where is the obd connector on these bikes?
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Old 10-18-2014, 09:42 PM
MercyFlush MercyFlush is offline
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Originally Posted by schlitzy View Post
Sounds like it could work with a 2009 450 fsr if I knew which cable to get. Where is the obd connector on these bikes?
Sorry but this will only work for bikes with the Magneti Marelli ECUs which I;m pretty sure all EFI gas gas's stopped using in 2008 in favour of the Kokusan closed loop setup. You can see here that there is a program cable available from GG (not sure how much) but there is free software available from GG website to reprogram the Kokusan, unlike us Magneti Marelli folk.
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Old 10-18-2014, 11:05 PM
schlitzy schlitzy is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 92

Sorry, I misread your post, thought it said "works with many ecu's" missed the other stuff...
Think I found the web site with the Kokusan downloads awhile ago and they were for the most part corrupted.
Here in the states GG seems to only allow dealers to have the cable, but it may be available from Europe.
Gotta keep looking..

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Old 11-01-2014, 04:17 PM
INABIL INABIL is offline
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It'd be easier if you pointed out a compatable USB OBD connector from ebay.

I couldn't Google enough information for the one connection. A little over my head.

Thanks, Bill

'03 EC400fse
'95 KX 250
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Old 11-04-2014, 03:38 PM
DGA DGA is offline
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Wow...this is amazing. As my 2003 450 SM has starting issues when hot and cold too, I'd love to see what you are developing here. I was seriously about to change it over to a carbureted setup.
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Old 11-05-2014, 03:25 AM
Vinny's Avatar
Vinny Vinny is offline
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Cool stuff. Thanks
Austin , Tx
A wonderfully working and hard riding '05 GG 450.
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Old 11-13-2014, 10:58 PM
MercyFlush MercyFlush is offline
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Sorry I've been soo inactive guys. I just started working as a mechanical engineer while studying my second last year at uni. Just in th middle of exams then I start working a LOT. I'll be pumping out some more details as I can. STAY TUNED
Pun intended
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Old 11-17-2014, 03:27 PM
bigguns bigguns is offline
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Great work MercyFlush

I have a -06 450 injection and I?m very curious about the softwere.
Of course there is starting issues
But there was, unexpeted, an improvment in starting just to change fuel from Shell V-Power to standard 95 octane. Now I can atleast kickstart the bike when it?s warm. But not Cold.

My big question here, Where do I by the correct Communication Cable?

my best
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Old 11-23-2014, 12:53 PM
Woflow Woflow is offline
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Hi I tried the Reader on FSR 450 '07 , it works fine! Thank you MercyFlush!
The most difficult part is finding information and getting knowledge about modifying the mapping.

why are there two fuel maps/ignition maps? Because of the blue/yellow wire connetor? How do you realized the map switch?

Do you want my rom file for comparison? I'm not sure if its stock, because i've bought my bike with an unique handmade exhaust, maybe it got an mapupdate.
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ecu, fse, iaw15p, obd, tune

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