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Old 07-12-2019, 11:00 PM
Mikie1 Mikie1 is offline
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Default New guy intro

Hi guys-
I'm a new GasGas owner. Been a Honda guy all my life (57 years), and have owned a couple of the orange brand (never liked 'em much). My friends tried to shove an orange 300 down my throat after giving me crap about my 16-year-old kick-start CR250, 12 year old CRF450x, and 18-year-old XR650R's. I resisted, partly to spite them, and partly because I just couldn't make myself buy an orange bike!

So, I found my new (to me) '18 GG EC300 at what I thought was a fair price. It had 34 hours on it when I bought it-- all in Chile at the '18 ISDE. The bike was updated with a different head, ECU, much larger battery, wiring upgrades, jetting, suspension, Rekluse clutch cover, SXS skid plate, DDS sprocket, etc., and came with a bunch of spare parts (radiators, levers, brake pedal, shifter, brake rotors & pads, footpegs, etc.-- all new). It was jetted for the moto test on Day 6, right at sea level.

The bike is still very new to me. I've only put another 15 hours on the bike-- all very slow, technical, stuff. Still getting it dialed in & set up for me, but so far I really like it! Love the brand loyalty and GG "brotherhood" on this site.

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Old 07-13-2019, 07:04 AM
Nightwind15 Nightwind15 is offline
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Default Welcome

Really loyal bunch here. I came off years of riding Yamaha and decided to try a European brand. I debated between Beta, Sherco and Gasgas. I too found a like new used Gasgas and bought it based on my readings and not have even ridden one. I have to say it is a different animal than my WR450 Yamaha but at sixty nine years old I find it to be just what I needed to continue my dirt riding. Super low end and midrange. A very forgiving well handling bike of quality.

Good choice my friend keep riding.

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