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Old 09-24-2012, 08:58 PM
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Default Dogs that steal tools!!!

Never noticed that before, but I had to respond: My dog won't steal tools, but he will take tools, parts, anything he thinks I might want to throw for him to fetch from the shop and drag it to the front porch. Just in case I might need it. He drug a 50lb. drag link from a 1 ton truck about 100 yrds, around the shop and house, up the steps, and right in front of the front door of the house. The dog only weighs 70 lbs, must have been quite a sight. Maybe I need to take him to my buddies houses so he can "fetch" their tools for me? I left a shovel in the creek behind the house the other day and he drug it up to the porch. He's brought me several old knobbies I left behind the shop. If I could just teach him to use the shovel...
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Old 09-25-2012, 08:18 AM
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Pitbull by chance? They love carrying heavy stuff! I have two now. My female will fetch small logs and firewood, nevermind sticks. Male prefers tennis balls. They have some epic "tug o' wars" that scare the unfamiliar.

If only we had that power to weight ratio!
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Old 10-04-2012, 04:06 AM
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Not a Pit, although I know Pits love to play fetch. Mine is a Lab/somekindofshepard mix. He is as stubborn as a Pit though. Actually he's very easy to train, but stubborn in a good way. I can rub any object with my hands to transfer my scent, throw it over the house or hide it and say "Fetch", and as long as he has smelled the item he'll find it. If he doesn't find it in about 10minutes, he comes back to me and paces and whines hoping I'll look for it with him. Then if I really scold him and send him to fetch again, he won't quit until he finds it, about 90% of the time. The other 10% he'll come slinking back to me and give me a look of complete apology for coming back with an empty mouth. You can tell he really tried as hard as he could and feels terrible that he failed. I can bury something rubbed with my scent that he has got a good smell/look at, put rocks on top, and he'll sniff until he finds the rocks with my smell and start digging until he finds whatever I hid. You should see try to fetch the cat! I can pet the cat to transfer my scent, then tell him to fetch the kitty. It's hilarious! First he looks at me and whines cause he knows it's gonna hurt. Then he starts easing up on her, all friendly like. If I keep saying "fetch the cat, get that cat", he goes nuts trying. He's a very gentle dog, so he tries to find a way to get close enough to get her in his mouth to bring her without hurting her. Of course the cat claws his nose. After a couple of tries he just stands there looking at the cat and barking, then looking at me and barking more. She puffs herself up and does that cat warning meow, he's barking and jumping around frustrated, and I'm laughing.

As for the drag link, he must of worked at it awhile, because it was almost as heavy as him, and long and awkward. I left a shovel in the yard the other day and when I went outside the next day it was laying on the front steps. I had driven it into the ground pretty deep but he pulled it up and delivered it. I had to quit throwing sticks or firewood and scold him for picking up anything wood because he'd keep bringing me firewood. One day I was working under a car for an hour, and when I crawled out there were 6-7 pieces of firewood laying behind me. If I was unloading firewood onto the porch he'd stand there patiently with a piece in his mouth. If I ignored him, he would sneak up behind me and quietly lay it near me so I would turn around and trip on it.

Come to think of it, when I used to let him into my he would pick up any tool I had dropped and hit me with it by shoving his nose into my leg. He'd be standing there with a pair of Vise Grips in his mouth. But he's a good dog, cause he didn't steal, he just reminded me that I had left a tool on the ground.

Maybe I should teach him to steal others tools? Follow the Snap On delivery guy until he walked into a business and tell the dog to fetch? I'll have a complete set of good tools quick. But there is no telling WHAT tool he'd steal. I'd have a bunch of random tools, but never a complete set.

Ok, enough from me about tools stealing dogs.

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Old 10-04-2012, 07:42 PM
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We had a tire guy that came to our shop in a large box van,, would install tires on our flatbed at our shop or trucks, cars whatever.. He always had a large german Shepard with him. That dog would run around with a full sized cinderblock in its mouth.. and would play with 6' long 4x4's and other big blocks of wood and logs.. Me and the other guys in the shop would take lunch outside just to watch that dog drag stuff around..
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Old 10-05-2012, 10:24 AM
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This photo was posted on Marks Vintage Swapmeet. Is this a cool dog or what? He is all ready to ride!

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Old 10-17-2012, 05:54 AM
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Tools and anything else he can get his paws on , when the mrs is putting the washing on the line he tries to pull it back off .... When she is sweeping up he is biting the brush and trying to get it off her
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