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Old 06-04-2017, 11:56 PM
Jeff B Jeff B is offline
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Yes, it pulls 4th fine. 5th and 6th is where the gap gets bigger. So now it is time for a ride report. I went to the Trials Training Center. I got schooled by a 70 plus year old instructor. I rode it on the intermediate line. I rode my bike and tried a TXT 125. There is nothing that would hinder the Contact 250. The suspension is fine. I would not adjust it if it had clickers. The tires are O.K. for lower intermediate and less riders. Better tires will be helpful for more advanced riders. (I can't tell the difference) The only change I made was I went up to a 40 pilot. It puts the fuel screw more in the middle. It has a lean pop on deceleration, but it is NOT engine knock. The other change was I changed to the BLACK throttle tube. It slows down the acceleration and softens out the engine.. Starts easy, idles perfect, shifts good. I have used the bike as I said earlier in the post. Trials and trail work. The seat works very well. It would be nice if the hole for the seat mount was pre-drilled. I am very happy with the 250. For me, the 250 is a better choice than the 280. The 250 starts easier, has less hit, very little noise, and it didn't hurt that it was less money. Only negative is you can't run pump gas. I am running 102 unleaded race gas. Not a big problem in Nashville,Tn. I tried pump 91, race gas 98, 102, 105, 110 and 100LL avgas. 102 and 100LL (low lead) ran the same. Nashville small airports will not sell me avgas unless I have a airplane sitting there...I don't. But a friend does. I will stick to 102 race gas. Yup...I like it. Jeff
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