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Andy92 06-14-2018 02:16 AM

Wild hp 300 sprocket Carrier interchange
Wondering if anyone has any info on if there is any other quads that share the same size/spline on the axle for the sprocket carrier, I know the banshee is also a 25 spline but not sure if it is the same diameter shaft. If anyone can share any info it would be greatly appreciated!

jcs003 06-15-2018 11:10 AM

possibly one of the Honda models. trx250r/400ex/trx450r

jcs003 06-15-2018 11:11 AM

i am looking for a gasgas 300 pipe. know where i can find one?

Andy92 03-19-2019 12:33 AM

TRX450R axle swap in wild hp 300
After months of searching the internet for rear brake parts, sprocket carrier and different sprocket sizes with no luck I noticed the TRX450R takes the same axle bearing, lucky for me I have a 2004 trx, so I started doing some measuring and decided to disassemble both quads and see if the trx axle and components would fit. What I determined is everything fit right on even the caliper mount. The only thing I had to do was grind about 1/8?-3/16? off the outside of the brake disk carrier.

ktmbk 04-22-2020 07:59 PM

I recently talked to one of the fellas at Durablue about an axle on my wild 300.
The axle itself was based on a Honda trx400ex unit. Of coarse some dimensions were changed but its a good starting point to figure out interchanges.

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