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Manuals, etc

Suspension Manuals

46mm Ohlins Fork Manual

0.7 Mbyte zip file

48mm Ohlins Fork Manual

0.9 Mbyte zip file

Ohlins Shock Manual

0.4 Mbyte zip file

Marzocchi 45mm Shiver Fork

1.4 Mbyte zip file

Marzocchi 50mm Shiver Fork

1.5 Mbyte zip file

WP Fork

2.3 Mbyte zip file

Sachs Rear Shock

1.3 Mbyte pdf file

Miscellaneous Reference Info

U.S. Power Parts Catalog (5.0 Mbyte pdf file)

Suspension Oil Viscosity List

Torque Table (Warning! Many values in user’s manual are incorrect!)

Wrench Cross-Reference Table

NGK Spark Plug Reference

GasGas Wiring Diagram

GasGas Wiring DPDT Switch

GasGas Wiring Leonelli Switch

 For GasGas parts and service manuals - please see the gasgas corporate website at Another great alternative place which has a great table format for all years and models is the french gasgas importer site at

 Sorry for not having them here - We want to preserve bandwidth and cpu power for the discussion forum and quick searching of the forum.

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