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Technical Articles

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Measuring Cylinder Head Squish by Ron Black of RB-Designs

  Squish band thickness is the distance between the piston and the cylinder head where the piston meets the cylinder bore.  If the squish clearance and width is set to an optimal amount, then the fuel is burned efficiently. If the squish... [Read More]

Rekluse Installation & Tuning by Eric Kangas

  Before you install your z-start, your clutch must properly manually disengage. Proper clutch disengagement is essential for proper Rekluse operation. The engine needs to idle smoothly, without... [Read More]

Underseat Tool Tray Project by Dave Smith

  This project is best suited to bikes without electric start. Ideal candidates are two-strokes that have siblings with electric start, like the KTM and Gas Gas lines.
Years ago, most offroad bikes came with tools and a place to keep them on the bike... [Read More]

KwikSeat - Quick Seat Removal Project by Dave Smith

 First off, why bother with a quick release seat? Electric start four-stroke riders get almost instant access to the battery. Many two-stroke riders end up with a great place to store tools. It's also a lot easier to clean the air box with the seat off.[Read More]

Headlight & Horn Installation by Matt Roessle

 When I purchased my 2001 GasGas XC250, the bike already came with an abbreviated wiring loom. Compared to the EC250 with full accessories, my bike had a head light with low beam only, a tail light, brake light, and kill button. In order to make my bike street legal in Michigan, I needed a head light capable of high and low beam modes along with a horn...[Read More]

Changing Wheel Bearings by Matt Roessle

.Here are reference pictures to show the different components. The teardown and installation procedures for the rear wheel bearings will be discussed next.. [Read More]

Reed Valve Service by Matt Roessle

.Here are some reference pictures to show the different components. The teardown and installation procedures for the reed valve assembly will be discussed next.. [Read More]

Trials Tire Test by Eric Kangas

I have spent a many hours and miles running the Michelin X-11 Competition rear trials tire on my '01 GasGas 300XC. I wanted to share what I have found... [Read More]

Flywheel Weight Comparison by Jon

Is your ride a US-model XC converted to EC engine specs, a Euro-spec EC, or a standard US XC? The XC has a different flywheel than the EC. Very different.[Read More]

Gear Oil Evaluation by Eric Kangas

 As a "gearhead" (registered P.E. in Mechanical Engineering) oils have been an interest of mine for 20+ years. I have have been certified with the Society of Tribologists and Lubricating Engineers. However, I still learn every day...[Read More]

Sub-Frame Fix (McGyver Style) by Matt Roessle

.In May, I was on a great trip to the Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia. During my first day of riding, I managed to break my subframe. No crash... just broke from fatigue of the material. I think it was damaged/cracked previously from a crash I had back in March. Anyways, I was really bummed and thought my trip was ended early. However, the "McGyver" in me managed to rig up a great fix that was very strong.[Read More]

Power Valve Disassembly by Uwe Hale

.Detailed Instructions on how to dissassemble your power valve assembly for cleaning....   [Read More]

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